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“If you try to put Emerick’s music in a box, you just might be wasting your time. ”

– Billboard

“A lovely arrangement that falls somewhere between folk and country.”

-CMT Edge

“Annalise Emerick is a rising star in the Americana side of the Country music world.”

– Roughstock

“if you invest in any new artist this year, Annalise Emerick should be one of them.”

– For the Country Record

“On her album, Starry-Eyed, Annalise Emerick blends folk music with pop sensibilities as she crafts melodies as pretty as her name.”

-The Deli, New England

“Emerick’s music is relatable and undeniably good.”

-Performer Magazine

“Fans of Ingrid Michaelson will feel right at home.”

-CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast

“The celebration continues with the video premiere of “This Love Won’t Break Your Heart.”

-American Songwriter

“Annalise Emerick breathes new life into a classic tune.”

-Boston Band Crush

“Annalise has a rare gift of appealing to all generations.”

-Indie Music Reviewer Magazine


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