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My dear friend, Cullen, works for the Maine Cancer Foundation and asked me if they could use “Time of Day” in their upcoming “Maine Cancer Stories” video. Of course I agreed.

So here’s a beautiful, intimate and candid look into the story of Sharon Leddy. I’m so proud to be part of this project, it is a true honor.




We tracked 10 songs in 3 days.

I feel like I just got home from 6 weeks at summer camp. We start vocals at the end of next week. Hopefully you’ll have this album by the time April rolls around!


The wonderful people at Squareware Studios sent me this wedding video that uses “This Love Won’t Break Your Heart.” I only cried three times the first time I watched it.

Watch it and you’ll instantly feel happy. Heck, I don’t even need a music video anymore, this one does the trick perfectly. 🙂

khaki + chris new year’s eve wedding from Squareware Studios on Vimeo.


Happy New Year to all!

Find your people and celebrate the new year with the ones you love the most.
See you in 2014. New Album. New Tour. New Songs!


Hey Team,

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog but it’s only because I’ve been focused on writing for the new album and generally taking a bit of time off from the business side of all this music stuff.

But now it’s back to work and I’m happy to do it! I’ve already got a bunch of shows booked for next year but I’m still working on my regional tours. As soon as the new project is done I’ll be hitting the road, late March I think.

I had a wonderful visit with my family during thanksgiving. We spent it in Nashville and had a friends/family/misfits-giving. Lots of laughter, food and thankfulness.

The weather has officially dropped to winter level in Nashville as of last week. But it feels nice, reminds me of those freezing days in Boston last year. Only it’s not even close to as cold, wet or miserable.

The new project will be recorded at the beginning of January! We’ll be doing 3 days of tracking and then we’ll spend the rest of the month doing vocals, overdubs, strings, bgvs etc. I CAN’T WAIT to hunker down in the studio and get to WORK. I wrote 2 new songs in the past 3 days that I hope will make it on the album and I’m almost sure we’re going to do a full length record as opposed to another EP or 2 little EPs. I just can’t wait to get these songs out and into your music libraries. Woooo!

Have a wonderful holiday season.