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Thanks to all of YOU, my New Year’s Eve song, This Love Won’t Break Your Heart, hit 1.4 MILLION streams on spotify during the holiday season.

I mean, WOW GUYS. Thank you so much.



Happy New Year!


As most of you know, this is a one woman operation here at and I am currently working out some tours for 2018. If there is a place you would like to see me perform, please send an email to Your insight is much appreciated and very helpful.




Another new video for you guys!

Save Us Again

Written By:
Annalise Emerick
Robby Hecht

Performed By:
Annalise Emerick – guitar, vocals
Vickie Vaughn – bass, vocals
Charlie Whitten – guitar, vocals


Many thanks to Chris C. for writing this sweet little article in the Spotify community blog last week. Click the photo to see the full post.