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Deep in the West Tour Poster 2


Itunes Album Artwork Sun and the Moon

The first single off of Field Notes is here! Click the photo above to be directed to iTunes where you can purchase “the Sun and the Moon” off iTunes today!


kin folk capture


The folks over at premiered my new song “Twinkling Lights” a few days ago.

Check it out by clicking the picture above.


Greetings from Portland, Maine!

I’m 5 shows and 5 days away from being home in my own house in Nashville! It has been a great run and I still have 5 great shows ahead of me before I get to take a few days off from the troubadour lifestyle. As much as I love changing cities every day, sleeping in my own bed sounds really good right now.

Tonight I’m playing The Haven and this will be my last Boston show until the fall or maybe even 2014 so come out and catch a few tunes. I’ll be there from 10pm-1am. If you haven’t had the deep friend mars bars, you are really missing out. Treat yourself tonight!

It has been a glorious run over the last 3 months. I’ve met so many great folks and I’ve been humbled by the hospitality of  friends and strangers. This world we live in is a beautiful place and I am so lucky to get to do what I do. Of course, there have been a few questionable shows, but overall, every night has been pretty damn good.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to the shows since I started this new journey on March 29th. You are the reason I’m able to play music for a living and somehow make my car payment every month. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Keep checking the schedule to see if there’s a show coming up in your area. I’m all over the place in July and the fist part of August but on August 20th I start heading West. I can’t wait to get to the pacific ocean!

See you out there.