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Oops! I haven’t updated my website since August 2018, my bad. This quarantine period has really highlighted some of my to-list items so here I am, finally getting around to posting an update.

Let’s see – after August 2018 I toured until the end of October – including a 4 week stint in Europe while 9-13 weeks pregnant nonetheless – then I hunkered down with my husband and got ready for baby life to commence.

In April 2019 – our daughter, Rhodes, was born and life has just been rolling along since. I’m a full time mom and it has been a wild year. Now her first birthday is approaching and I’m all in my feelings about it especially since we won’t get to celebrate like I’ve been imagining, but we are so grateful for stability and the fact that we are not only able to stay home but we are SAFE at home. I’ve been taking one day at a time and like most of you, look forward to the days when we are back to our normal lives.

love to you all during this trying time,





Thanks to all of YOU, my New Year’s Eve song, This Love Won’t Break Your Heart, hit 1.4 MILLION streams on spotify during the holiday season.

I mean, WOW GUYS. Thank you so much.



Happy New Year!


As most of you know, this is a one woman operation here at and I am currently working out some tours for 2018. If there is a place you would like to see me perform, please send an email to Your insight is much appreciated and very helpful.